Lakeshore Villa (Senadin) 湖岸园 - Block 3

Double Storey Terrace House

Lakeshore Villa Master Siteplan
  • Total land size about 54 acres, consist of about 500 units various types of house
  • Consists of: Affordable Terrace House, Single/Double Storey Terrace House, Single/Double Storey Semi-Detached House, Shophouse and Condominium
  • Modern design occupy with 2 units car porch
  • High ceiling 12'
  • We are using Asphalt Shingle Roofing
    Advantages - High aesthetic value added to the house / House feel much cooler than other roof / Less sound during raining / Free maintenance

  • There is future link road connecting from tudan road to our project , it is going straight to Curtin University and Tenby High School and onward to Brunei and Kuala Baram area
  • Easy access to Senadin Water Park, Curtin University, Tenby High School, Emart Supermarket, Tudan and Lutong, Brunei
  • Reasonable Price
  • Developer licence:
  • Sale & Advertisement permit no:
  • Council approval reference number:

Location Map

Lakeshore Villa Single Storey Terrace House Location Map
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Floor Plan

Lakeshore Villa Phase 3 - Double Storey Terrace House Ground Floor Plan

Double Storey Terrace House
Ground Floor

Lakeshore Villa Phase 3 - Double Storey Terrace House First Floor Plan

Double Storey Terrace House
First Floor

Building Specification

  • Structure
    • Reinforced concrete structural frames.
  • Footing
    • Reinforced concrete footing.
  • Roof
    • Coloured concrete tiles / Equivalent / other.
  • Walls
    • Bricks/lbs system wall to internal and external finished with cement plastering.
  • Floor
    • 24" x 24" local made ceramic tiles to Living Room and Dining Room
    • 12" x 12" local made ceramic tiles to Kitchen, Patio & Service Area. 8"x8" to Bathroom & Toilets.
    • Engineered laminated floor to all bedrooms.
  • Ceiling
    • Gypsum board with gypsum cornice to Living and Dining room.
    • Gypsum board to all bedrooms, car porch & patio.
    • Water Closets and external building with cement sheet and painted.
  • Wall Tiles
    • 12" x 12" local made ceramic tiles up to ceiling high for Kitchen and Water Closets/Bathroom.
  • Windows
    • Aluminium sliding windows with tinted glass.
  • Doors
    • Steel door frames with solid timber engineered door for main door, side, kitchen and all the Bedrooms' doors.
    • Steel door frames with PVC panel for all toilets.
  • Sanitary
    • Local made white colour.
  • Plumbing
    • All water pipes to be concealed and conduit pipes.
  • Electrical Wiring
    • All internal wiring concealed and conduit and installed to SESCO requirements supply – Single Phase
    • 12 numbers of lighting points.
    • 11 numbers of 13 amp power points.
    • 2 numbers of 15 amp power in master bedroom and living room.
  • Painting
    • Emulsion paint to internal wall, ceiling.
    • Wooden and weather paint to external wall exposed concrete surface.
  • Fencing
    • Two brick posts with fix in letter box, door bell point gate lighting points and mild steel gate door.
    • Front side with brickwall and iron grill up to 5 ft high.
    • Back and side with 5" high chain link.
  • Television aerial ducting
    • One point concealed and conduit in living and master bedroom.
  • Telephone ducting
    • One point concealed and conduit in living room.
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