Company Overview

We are YH Wong Group of Companies, an experienced property development
company aiming at providing top class service and houses to all prospective
buyers and clients.

Our Group consist of four subsidiaries, namely, YH Wong Enterprise Sdn Bhd,
Homeserta Enterprises Sdn Bhd, Homeserta Property Development Sdn Bhd and
Huiwood Development Sdn Bhd which focuses on property development.

Our Projects are various and diverse. We built all types of properties ranging from
terrace to semi-detached to bungalows to industrial shops and shophouses. We venture
into apartment projects as well. Our houses, be it traditional or modern depending on
project, are designed and built to cater the customers' needs. With high quality
workmanship, we deliver the best for our customers with our houses being both
comfortable and reliable.

Our History began at the year 1988 when our Founder and Group Managing
Director, Wong Yew Hui established YH Wong Enterprise Sdn Bhd and
developed our very first project – Pin Fook Garden. Since then, our Group has
accumulated 28 YEARS of experience in development and construction. Our
Group, as of today, has completed many projects and will continue to
excel and advance in years to come.

Our Goal is both challenging and ambitious. Currently, our housing projects can
be found in Miri, Sibu and Kuching. We aspire to further expand our business
nationally or even globally while maintaining our top quality and standard. We
plan to further develop our innovativeness and creativeness on our marketing
strategies, housing designs and construction methods to improve reliability and